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Bead Crochet Designer's Hideout

The adobe was built in the late 1800's and when the railroad came through town, it was definitely on the wrong side of the tracks.  

The stagecoach driver points to the house and tells tourists that, "wild laughter and strange going's on were known to emanate from that house." 

Rooming House, Bordello, Private Residence?  Nobody knows for certain.  However, we do know that there is a back room that is stocked with beads, the occupants will do most anything for beads, and wild laughter is still known to erupt from time to time!

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BCPD -Bead Crochet Pattern Designer
released February 2012

Beading with Android tablets & phones

About Bead Crochet Designers


Judith Bertoglio-Giffin @ Bead Line Studios

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